A Wasted Morning in Paris

Our second day in Paris started early in the morning. I woke up to the dawn and peered out the window to the city limits. It was the golden hour for which I am seldom awake.

We lingered in bed for longer until a more regular hour approached. It was a Saturday morning out in Paris. So I assume things were a little slower than the usual lundi à vendredi pace.

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Japanese Sweets Creation

Disclaimer: I hate cooking and I’m really bad at cooking. Perhaps I was emotionally scarred as a child against cooking or maybe I’m lazy or maybe I’m incompetent. I don’t know. Cooking is one of the most stressful things in my life. It makes me extremely anxious and grumpy whenever I cook.

Given my disclaimer, it’s amazing that I actually enjoyed our afternoon workshop on making Japanese sweets, or wagashi. This was yet another cultural experience workshop put on by the Hokkaido Japanese Language School, or JaLS. A whole gaggle of us students walked over to the Susukino area and to the Chuo Ward Office all the way at one end of Tanukikoji.

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Kimono Experience

What a way to start my third week at Hokkaido Japanese Language School, or JaLS. We had done taiko drumming the week before. Now on this Monday in July, we were heading off to our next cultural activity of the summer program – the kimono experience.

We headed out as a group to Tanukikoji, a busy covered shopping arcade in Sapporo. It was only a 15 minute walk from our school to a little kimono business, Mitsuki Sakura (美月桜), on the 5th floor of an office building just along the shopping arcade.

walking down Tanukikoji in kimonos

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Kendo Experience

Lazy me. I’ve been back from Japan for about 3 weeks now. I’ve been working mostly on my photos and haven’t been blogging at all since the first few days I was in Sapporo. So without further delay, here are my posts on recent trip to Japan.


Even before I arrived in Japan, I had gotten an email a few days before flying out. It outlined that we’d be going for an outing the very first day of class. It asked us to wear shorts and sportswear for the first day because we’d be doing Kendo. The email even came with a handy PDF poster for the event.

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Reflections on Car Brain?

A couple of weeks ago, I read an article from The New York Times by Paul Salopek. Salopek is embarking on a round the world journey by foot.  He started in the Ethiopia where the first homo sapiens are said to have roamed.  In Ethiopia, he found that many people still travelled everywhere by foot.  He could ask for directions and people would know how to … Continue reading Reflections on Car Brain?

Layers of Human Experience

I have heard the term “layers of human experience” used a few times recently. I’ve actually heard it mostly from Gordon Price. He talked about it on his talk at Creative Mornings in July. He also used it during the recent Viaducts Heritage Walk put on by the Vancouver Heritage Foundation. Gordon mentioned that when a building or structure has been around long enough that … Continue reading Layers of Human Experience

my modo experience so far – part 2

Following up on Part 1, I wanted to share some actual driving experiences.  I have had a chance to try a few different modo vehicles.  Some are in good condition and drive fine, while some are starting to feel their age.  The advantage of driving modo is definitely the variety of cars you can access. The most interesting drive was a Nissan Cube that I … Continue reading my modo experience so far – part 2

my modo experiences so far – part 1

Now to be fair to the other car share programs in Vancouver, I should give you my review of the other car share program that I have used – modo.  Modo is formerly known as the Co-operative Auto Network.  They updated the look and name just this year. Modo is a more set car sharing program.  The co-op has vehicles across Metro Vancouver.  The coverage … Continue reading my modo experiences so far – part 1

my car2go experience thus far – part 3

The second and only other time I used car2go was last week.  I was running late at work and I had an appointment to get to.  I don’t usually get off work until later in the evening, but I had a medical appointment.  Both locations are along Broadway, so the B-Line is the natural choice. I was typing away on a report and had finally … Continue reading my car2go experience thus far – part 3

my car2go experience thus far – part 2

After all the setup and anticipation, I was really chomping at the bit to try out car2go for the first time.  My first drive came one day when I was down along Main Street near King Edward.  The weather was kind of overcast and rain was imminent.  I had been sitting in an air-conditioned Blenz Coffee (who turns on AC on such a rainy and … Continue reading my car2go experience thus far – part 2