Joyce Station East Stationhouse

There’s been a flurry of transit related news this past week. Most of it about funding transit from the local Metro level and the BC provincial level. I haven’t had time to sift through the numbers, let alone blog!


So let me work on something that’s a bit more tangible and easier for me to blog quickly about. My local SkyTrain station is under reconstruction. The whole east stationhouse is being rebuilt.

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Reallocating train routes if Evergreen Line runs

Surrey Leader: SkyTrain route rejig possible There are some interesting re-routing of the line assignments if the Evergreen Line ever gets off the ground and running.  It looks like the original plan that was done many, many years ago when the Millennium Line was first planned and the Port Moody-Coquitlam (PMC) Line was supposed to follow closely. Trains running from Coquitlam Centre would likely have … Continue reading Reallocating train routes if Evergreen Line runs

Evergreen Line Under MoTrans

Vancouver Sun It looks like Kevin Falcon is having nothing to do with local debate and decisions about the next major transit line scheduled for Metro Vancouver.  The BC Ministry of Transportation is taking over the reigns of the Evergreen Line project.  The Evergreen Line is a new transit line to run from Coquitlam Town Centre via Port Moody to connect to the Millennium Line … Continue reading Evergreen Line Under MoTrans