Hume: ‘Canada’s mayor’ sees the city positively –

Hume: ‘Canada’s mayor’ sees the city positively – One thing I like about Toronto is the Toronto Star.  They have some interesting and articulate pieces from people such as Christopher Hume.  When into urbanism, then Christopher Hume usually makes for a great read.  Also, the Toronto Star is one of the few more independent newspapers in this country. Hume goes into comparing two newly … Continue reading Hume: ‘Canada’s mayor’ sees the city positively –

The Big Three Dinosaurs

Please don’t bail out these companies.  That is my business view of looking at the auto industry in North America.  Why must we continue to fund three companies that are probably some of the most backwards and non-innovative automobile companies in the world. Yes, people’s jobs are on the line.  We can’t forget that.  The numbers are staggering if General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler go … Continue reading The Big Three Dinosaurs