Starchitect lands in Canada – Bjarke Ingels

Some of you may know about Vancouver House going up along Howe Street at Pacific Boulevard and right up against the Howe Street onramp for the Granville Street Bridge. It is Danish starchitect, Bjarke Ingels‘, huge stamp on the Vancouver skyline.


The giant tower will contort it’s frame over part of the bridge in architectural yoga pose in the sky. It’s an impressive looking building in the computer renditions. It may be just as promising when it is finished.

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The Vancouver Special

Vancouver Special on Keefer St. (photo from sillygwailo on Flickr)

If I remember correctly, I spent about 2 years of my childhood in a Vancouver Special. Most of my years in Vancouver were actually spent living in post-WWII bungalows built in the 1950’s. The Vancouver Special didn’t come to exist until the 1970’s.

I do know quite a few people that grew up in Vancouver Specials and who actually live in one now (a few of them are actually homes in Burnaby). I guess they are the quintessential Vancouver home. It was almost cliche in the 1980’s when you’d drive around town and see tons of Vancouver Specials. The 1980’s version that I grew up with had red Spanish roof tiles. I later realized that Vancouver Specials were not just the Spanish roof homes, but they included a variety of other 1970’s homes that dotted the east side of Vancouver.

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