Metro Vancouver Transit Funding’s Ongoing Saga – May 2016


Okay, let’s start by looking at some of the numbers being bandied about in the news.

First off. There’s the one constant in this picture. Justin Trudeau’s federal Liberals have promised to pay for 50% of the funds for infrastructure projects across the country.

Here’s what the other two levels of government have offered.

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Surrey LRT – Support and Funding

The conversation for expanded fixed rail transit in Surrey continues to roll along. Metro Vancouver’s second largest municipality by population and largest by land area is still trying to push forward after the failed transit plebiscitie/referendum of 2015.


A few things have happened in the past year that may help Surrey get its long-desired LRT.

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Hong Kong City Gallery

Here’s a very little known “museum” in Hong Kong. So little known that the place is eerily quiet for a Hong Kong facility. This is the City Gallery. The gallery isn’t expensive. In fact, it’s free. The gallery isn’t in the middle of nowhere. It’s right down in Central Hong Kong near the old City Hall. So why is it so quiet? I have no idea.

The first time I heard about the City Gallery was when one of my friends in Hong Kong visited the place. He tagged me in his Facebook photos and said that it would be the kind of place I would love to visit. How can I say no to a place that is meant to showcase a city, its infrastructure, and its urban development? That’s right up my alley.

I had walked over from the Legislative Council building in Admiralty. The City Gallery was directly in between Admiralty and Central stations. So it wouldn’t really have mattered which way I came. It was at least a 10 minute walk towards the waterfront from either station.

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Cycling in Portland

The Tyee — Portland’s Bicycle Brilliance. Here’s a piece on cycling in Portland from The Tyee.  It’s actually part two of three about Portland.  The first was about the arts community and having fun (aka bars and pubs in the article).  The third will be about homelessness in Portland. I didn’t really care much about part one, although it did point out that Vancouver city … Continue reading Cycling in Portland

Tyee Series on Rail in the Lower Mainland

Part One: The Myth of High Speed Rail Part Two: Obama’s Billions bypass BC Part Three: Ottawa Halts Vancouver Train Part Four:  Rail Fix: Two Tracks to Langley Monte Paulsen over at The Tyee recently completed a four-part series about rail in the Lower Mainland.  More specifically, he was reporting on the the optimistic media reports on Obama’s millions for high-speed rail reaching our corner … Continue reading Tyee Series on Rail in the Lower Mainland

Is Cascadia’s train coming in?

Is Cascadia’s train coming in?. Here’s a piece that follows closely along what Miro Cernitig wrote a few weeks ago on Obama hoping to put $8 billion US into a high-speed rail corridor from Vancouver, BC to Eugene, OR.  Economically, it will give us closer ties to both Washington and Oregon states.  A lot more business could transpire between BC and the large multinationals headquartered … Continue reading Is Cascadia’s train coming in?

High Speed Rail in Cascadia

Time for Vancouver to get aboard Obama’s Cascadia Express << Vancouver Sun, April 27, 2009 As a part of President Obama’s new infrastructure plans, he has targeted high speed rail corridors across the United States.  The only one in North America right now is the Boston-New York-Washington, D.C. Acela train.  The Pacific Northwest is an important region in North America and it make senses for … Continue reading High Speed Rail in Cascadia

Robin Chase on Zipcar and her next big idea | Video on

Robin Chase on Zipcar and her next big idea | Video on I hadn’t visit for a while, but I’ve had two colleagues talk about two different talks on TED.  So I thought it was time to swing by that part of my bookmark list again and take a gander. I wish the talks were more recent, but I guess the conference has … Continue reading Robin Chase on Zipcar and her next big idea | Video on

More funding for Transit than Roads in Oregon

Mass transit may get better ride than local roads in stimulus bill >> I know drivers may not like this idea, but shouldn’t transit get more funding than roads.  Although, mind you, roads are necessary for most forms of transit to function.  However, to accelerate a more sustainable transportation future, public transit should be the priority until development becomes more transit-oriented.  Then roads can … Continue reading More funding for Transit than Roads in Oregon

States may direct Obama’s infrastructure funds to roads News. This is somewhat sad news, but not totally surprising.  States are eager to fix roads that are in a severe state of neglect.  How did they get that way anyway? In any case, a new future definitely does not include roads to the extent that we have them now.  Cities cannot continue to be based on the automobile just for the sake of … Continue reading States may direct Obama’s infrastructure funds to roads