Mayor’s Council Updated Regional Transportation Vision

Here’s the highlights of the Metro Vancouver Mayor’s Council vision of regional transportation. This updated vision was prompted by Premier Christy Clark’s insistence on sending transit funding issues to a referendum in the Fall 2014.



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Edmonton LRT – Downtown and University of Alberta

The downtown Edmonton LRT stations are currently all underground.  It starts at Churchill Station in the east.  Churchill is right under the Sir Winston Churchill Square which is home to festivals every weekend in the summer.  It’s also right by Edmonton City Hall. The LRT then swings straight westward underneath Jasper Avenue.  3 stations sit underneath Jasper Avenue.  From east to west the stations are … Continue reading Edmonton LRT – Downtown and University of Alberta

James: TTC teeters on the brink of expansion –

James: TTC teeters on the brink of expansion – It pains me to see what has happened in Toronto.  In the previous municipal government, there was the Transit City plan, which would have spread light rail across the city proper.  There would have been 8 light rail lines, running on surface, that would have covered most of Toronto. Now with the new Rob Ford … Continue reading James: TTC teeters on the brink of expansion –

Major Edmonton LRT expansion in the works

It’s been a while since I took a look at what’s going on in Edmonton. I was reading Jarett Walker’s recent post on “The Strasbourg of the Prairies.” Lo and behold, Edmonton was the one being labelled as Strasbourg? “Dead”-monton? Actually, Edmonton isn’t that bad. You just have to know what you’re looking for and what you want to do when you’re in Edmonton. Many … Continue reading Major Edmonton LRT expansion in the works

LRT in Waterloo-Kitchener – growing region

PM announces improvements for tri-cities commuters – Prime Minister of Canada. It’s not everyday that I take my blog fodder straight from the Prime Minister’s office.  Most of the time, I would say I disagree with most of what our current Prime Minister does.  This one of the few projects that I can say that the Federal Tories have gotten right. Unfortunately, the press release … Continue reading LRT in Waterloo-Kitchener – growing region

UBC Broadway Debate

TransLink started their newest consultation last week.  The UBC – Broadway corridor has been studied to death over the past 20 years, but here’s our latest manifestation. TransLink has opened up their Be Part of the Plan website to comments and feedback.  They have provided 6 alternatives showing 6 basic routing options with a mix of 3-4 four different technology options.  Check out their Alternatives … Continue reading UBC Broadway Debate

Portland’s MAX Green Line opens

Riders pack MAX Green Line on first day of service – Here’s some exciting transit news out of Portland.  The new MAX Green Line is now open for service between Portland State University at the southern edge of downtown Portland all the way to Clackamas Town Centre to the east and south of Portland.  That brings Portland’s light rail MAX system to a total … Continue reading Portland’s MAX Green Line opens

1982 on building SkyTrain (aka ALRT)

VIA Architecture: The case to abort LRT, October 21 1982. What a great post about the problems that the GVRD faced when SkyTrain was first planned and built.  Somebody at VIA Architecture dug up this beauty of an article. Huge parallels between then and now.  The lack of provincial government funding is present yesterday as it is today.  Even though they were the ones who … Continue reading 1982 on building SkyTrain (aka ALRT)

Tunnel two-step: buses & trains | Seattle Times

Tunnel two-step: buses & trains | Seattle Times Newspaper. I definitely know this until reading this article.  Seattle’s bus tunnel will now be a train and bus tunnel.  That just sort of blows my mind.  Buses and trains will have to line up for the same station platforms.  This will be very interesting to see work. The idea is not totally new for light rail … Continue reading Tunnel two-step: buses & trains | Seattle Times