Walking Boston – Public Garden and Boston Common

Many cities have green oases in the middle of them.  New York has Central Park and Vancouver has Stanley Park. In Boston’s case, there are two green spaces right next to each other, which I guess you could think of as one larger space.  However, they are named separately and are bisected by Charles Street in the middle. The Public Garden was founded in 1837 … Continue reading Walking Boston – Public Garden and Boston Common

Walking Boston – Newbury Street

Newbury Street is Boston’s High Street.  All the major clothiers and boutiques can be found along this stretch of road.  To be honest, though, with our limited time, my coworkers and I weren’t all that interested in shopping at this time.  Newbury Street was simply on our way to the Public Garden and the Boston Common. However, it was a beautiful Saturday afternoon.  This was … Continue reading Walking Boston – Newbury Street

Walking Boston – Copley Square

With a four-day conference behind us, our little troupe of coworkers only had one evening together to do something touristy in Boston.  I had always heard that Boston was a great walking city.  It really lives up to that reputation. We set out from our hotel at Copley Place and walked over to nearby Copley Square.  There are two big landmarks at Copley Square.  One … Continue reading Walking Boston – Copley Square

Getting Around Boston – Fares on the T

Your basic ride on the T involves paying $2 at a Ticket Vending Machine at subway stations.  You get a CharlieTicket that you use to get through the fare gates.  Slide the CharlieTicket into the ticket slot.  The gate will read your card and spit it back out on top of the machine for you to collect.  The gates will then open up for you … Continue reading Getting Around Boston – Fares on the T

Marriott Copley Place Boston

For the conference portion of my stay in Boston, we were in the Marriott Copley Place Boston.  It’s in the middle of the Back Bay area of downtown Boston.  It’s a very convenient location. There are two shopping centres connected into the hotel.  Copley Place is built directly into the hotel and the Prudential Center is accessible by an enclosed pedestrian bridge over Huntington Avenue.  … Continue reading Marriott Copley Place Boston

Conventions, Conferences, and Hotels – Boston

Arrived in Boston on a Tuesday evening.  I was in town for a big conference.  I am very fortunate in that my work allows us to come to these big conferences from time to time.  It’s a real treat to be able to fly somewhere like Boston for work-related continuing education. My coworkers and I much prefer to stay at hotels near the convention center. … Continue reading Conventions, Conferences, and Hotels – Boston