Layers of Human Experience

I have heard the term “layers of human experience” used a few times recently. I’ve actually heard it mostly from Gordon Price. He talked about it on his talk at Creative Mornings in July. He also used it during the recent Viaducts Heritage Walk put on by the Vancouver Heritage Foundation. Gordon mentioned that when a building or structure has been around long enough that … Continue reading Layers of Human Experience

Vancouverism VS Motordom – aq April 2008

Vancouverism VS Motordom – aq April 2008. Picked this article up through Price Tags.  It’s written by Larry Beasley, former head planner at the City of Vancouver, for aq, the magazine of Simon Fraser University.  It doesn’t say much that is new to me, but it does give a good summary of the history of urban planning in Vancouver and the development of “Vancouverism” with … Continue reading Vancouverism VS Motordom – aq April 2008