Mural Search – Mount Pleasant

After walking from the Olympic Village and snaking my way up to Broadway, I finally went south of Broadway. The Burrard Arts Foundation (BAF) was my first stop.

This small art gallery had been done up in mostly graffiti style murals, but there was at least one First Nations themed piece and one that I can’t quite describe.

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Mural Search – South Main

The mural search took a huge detour for lunch. I found myself at the Starbucks at the very edge of the Olympic Village. All I had was my iPhone and the Starbucks app to pay for food and drink. At least I had something.


I also decided to open up my Pokemon GO to see if anything was going on in the hood. That’s when I realized there was a blooming triple-lure spot. Couldn’t help but plunk myself in the Bird Plaza for about an hour to rest up my feet before setting out for more murals 😛

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“Through The Cracks | Spider Man” – Making of a Mural (video)

A non-transit referendum related post to break things up for a bit.

An awesome new mural has appeared in an alley behind Columbia St between West 3rd and West 4th Avenues. Here’s a great time lapse to capture the creation of a very dynamic mural. Go to the mural and take some awesome jumping sidekick selfies with it! Hm…I should take my own advice 😛

Gastown Heritage Walk | Cordova Street – from Water to Cambie

The Vancouver Heritage Foundation‘s walking tour is in full swing. I signed up for the last of the 3 Gastown walking tours. Again, the ever bubbly and informative Maurice Guibord was our guide today. We met at the intersection of Carrall and Water where the statue of Gassy Jack stands. We went through Blood Alley, Garage, and John Fluevog Shoes. Then we past the Gastown Steam Clock to the Landing. Now, we rounded back east onto Cordova Street.

Traditionally, I don’t think of Cordova Street as being part of Chinatown. Cordova Street has usually been a nothing street during my time. It’s the street between the busy tourist street of Water Street and the old traditional centre of activity along Hastings Street. There isn’t the same buzz as along Water Street and no brick street to demarcate a tourist area. However, this is still a part of Gastown.

There are a few shops and offices in this area. The most interesting of these to me was the Old Faithful Shop. They stock all these classic and simple items for daily living. Some of these items really are old school. They have lanterns, army blankets, canvas laundry baskets, good old soap, and rhubarb syrup to name a few. Most items really have a bygone days feel to them and displayed lovingly around the store.

A few doors down from the Old Faithful Shop are a few consignment clothing stores that may interest a few. Around the corner from those shops on Cambie Street is Danny’s Inn. My parents used to run a clothing store for a short period of time in that building. At that time, I was still in elementary school and remember walking from my parents store to the Woodward’s department store and a toy store on East Hastings I loved to visit. No trace of my parents’ shop is left.

Our tour ended on the corner of Cambie and Cordova. However, Maurice recommended that we walk up to the alley between Hastings and Cordova that runs from Homer and Richards Streets. A graffiti mural on both sides of alley is on display right now. The art installation is by Cold World. According to the Murals Vancouver website, the installation started in 2005 and has continued to grow. It says it extends through the alley on the other side of Homer towards Cambie.

If you are from Vancouver and haven’t explored Gastown, I think it is well worth the visit. A lot has changed over the years and some very neat shops have popped up in the neighbourhood. It is definitely more of a neighbourhood since I was last there. If you are not from Vancouver, you almost invariably find your way into this historic district. However, go past the tourist shops and explore the neighbourly sections of Gastown and duck into a store apart from the regular tourist fare.

Hotel Europe @ Alexander and Powell Streets

Walking Vancouver – Strathcona in March (2)

After walking from Dunlevy and Hastings to MacLean Park, then onto Hawkes and Prior, we crossed busy Prior Street to the Strathcona Community Gardens.  These gardens are very well used.  On a sunny day like this day, it was full of community gardeners tending to their tiny little plots.  It seems like the local gardeners knew each other and were sharing tips and stories of how their plants were growing.

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