Toronto 2013 – Toronto at Night

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At the end of September, I had the chance to be in Toronto for a work-related meeting.  The weather in Vancouver had already an added crispness while Toronto was still hovering in the low 20’s and high teens for temperature.

[Toronto 2013 – Around the Royal York]

After all the work meetings were done for the day and I had grabbed a little dinner, I would wonder around Toronto with Camera in hand.  This time, I had also carried along my Gorillapod SLR-Zoom.  I couldn’t fit my usual tripod in my carry-on to Toronto.  So I packed my much smaller Gorillapod.

I’ve never actually done much long exposure photography.  However, Toronto is probably a perfect place to take a lot of photos at nights with all the bright lights of the largest city in Canada.  So the small and flexible Gorillapod would help me to keep my camera still while I took long exposures.  The only problem was finding enough flat top newspaper boxes in the right spots to get the right angles.  Sometimes I just put it down on the sidewalk to take some of my shots.

Here are my shots of downtown Toronto at night.  The photos were taken on two separate nights and are primarily from the west side of downtown Toronto.

RBC Centre – Wellington St at University Ave

Toronto International Film Festival’s TIFF Bell Lightbox – King St at John St

SW corner of King St and John St

Chapters & Scotiabank Theatre – John St at Richmond St

CHUM Radio neon – Duncan St and Richmond St

Art Gallery of Ontario – Dundas St at McCaul St

Sharp Centre for Design at Ontario College of Art & Design University

Ontario College of Art & Design University

Four Seasons Centre for the Performing Arts – University Ave and Queen St


Flickr Crush – CoolbieRe

I’ve been on Flickr since 2006.  As my regular blog followers know, I love photography.  I wish I had better equipment and a better eye.  Both of which can be improved.  One requires money.  The other requires just a lot of practice.  A better eye also comes about from immersing oneself in gorgeous photography.

I wanted to share my latest Flickr crush with everyone. CoolbieRe is actually a landscape architect who hales from Bangkok, Thailand. It is only natural that a landscape architect would be interested in landscape and architectural photography.  Here’s a little sample of his awesome work.  I think he’s definitely worth following on Flickr.

So you can find CoolbieRe at the following links:

Sunny Winter Walk Along The Drive

As usual, I am way behind on my photos.  We had a great stretch of sunny weather in January.  After all this late February Pineapple Express weather we’ve had lately, it’s nice to think that Vancouver is not all rain and brollies in the winter.

One January Friday as the sun was setting on the city and time was setting on the Waldorf, I did a walking loop from Venables Street to 1st Avenue along Commercial Drive.  It’s a part of town that I don’t frequent much, but it has a lot of life along the sidewalks and some neat storefronts into which to peer.

a rare Vancouver public washroom facility in Grandview Park

It was so cold as the sun set, I made my last stop at Turk’s Coffee Bar.  Apparently they’ve been “non-conforming since 1992.” I’m not sure what that means for a coffee shop in the middle of a highly caffeinated city, but oh well.  I grabbed a hot chocolate (now that’s non-conforming to the coffee trend) to warm up my fingers.

As I am posting this January photo walk to my blog, spring is starting here in March.  The sun is shining in Vancouver. Flowers are peeking out of the ground and buds are showing on some of the trees.  The telltale sign of spring for me, though, is that my allergies are starting to surface.  Excuse me as I blow my nose again.