Aberdeen Centre expansion -2010

Aberdeen Centre – Future Expansion There’s not much data on this page except for a couple of renditions of what the new expansion of Aberdeen Centre in Richmond will look like.  However, it is exciting to think of transforming central Richmond into a more interesting urban environment. I can only hope for a friendlier walking environment.  Richmond’s core is still very much geared for moving … Continue reading Aberdeen Centre expansion -2010

No Sidewalk in Downtown Richmond?!

I don’t know what the deal is with Richmond sometimes.  I took the 98 B-Line to Aberdeen Centre to get something.  They had to move the B-Line stop about a block south of Cambie Road at Browngate Road.  So I crossed the road at Browngate to get to Aberdeen Centre.  I didn’t want to walk along Cambie Road because of all the construction seemed to … Continue reading No Sidewalk in Downtown Richmond?!