“Ekinaka” – Shopping complexes at Japanese train stations

My Flipboard feed turned up an article on ekinaka at nippon.com. It was not a new idea me because I’ve seen such ekinaka first-hand on my visits to Japan. However, the term is new to me. Ekinaka literally means “inside the station.”


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Cheap Eats in Japan

Noodles Galore (Ramen/Soba/Udon) Apart from all the fast food options in Japan, there’s plenty of authentic local fare to sample.  Noodles are a staple of many restaurants in Japan.  There’s usually more noodles than you can shake a stick at.  And there not very expensive at less than ¥1000 in most cases. Ramen is the “pulled noodles” that are long and flat with a medium … Continue reading Cheap Eats in Japan

Getting around Kansai – the Subway and JR

Update October 11, 2013: The outgoing links have all been updated.  This post is by far the most popular.  So I should try to keep this post up-to-date.  However, I haven’t been to Kansai since the Fall of 2009.  Happy transit travels to all you Kansai travellers. When one thinks about public transit in Japan, one often will think first about trains.  There are just … Continue reading Getting around Kansai – the Subway and JR

Outta town…to Kansai

Kansai?  Some of you might be asking where is that.  It’s in Japan.  The region around Tokyo is sometimes called the Kanto region; whereas, the region consisting of Kyoto, Osaka, and Kobe are often referred to as Kansai.  Some of you may know of the Kansai International Airport (KIX), an airport which is sinking under it’s own weight partially because it is built atop a … Continue reading Outta town…to Kansai

Giant Rubber Duck takes Osaka

Have you seen a giant yellow 10 metre tall floating and inflatable rubber duck in your waters?  If you were in Osaka, Japan from August to September this year, you would have definitely seen one floating about in the river in Osaka.  The Rubber Duck Project 2009 was a part of the larger Aqua Metropolis Osaka celebrations this year and Nederland in Japan promotion. It’s … Continue reading Giant Rubber Duck takes Osaka