Walking Vancouver – Strathcona in March (1)

Even before I went off to Boston for my conference, I spent a oddly warm, but very welcome, Saturday afternoon with the Rain City Social group for an exploration of Strathcona.

Strathcona is often referred to as Vancouver’s first neighbourhood. It is not the birthplace of Vancouver. That honour belongs to Gastown. However, it is probably the first neighbourhood dedicated to residential homes.

Our walk on a sunny March 25th started at the Dunlevy Cafe. The cafe is on Dunlevy just a few doors down from the infamous East Hastings of the Downtown Eastside. It’s a very trendy and hip cafe to be found just off a rougher stretch in Canada’s postal code. I already had lunch before coming, but apparently there wasn’t much on the menu.  The setting is definitely trendy, though.

Strathcona is a unique mix of buildings.  There are a few churches in the neighbourhood and one of Vancouver’s oldest schools, Strathcona Elementary.  Even the houses are more varied than most Vancouver neighbourhoods.  Normally, you just find single-detached homes all over the city, but Strathcona has single-detached and attached homes alike.  I don’t think there is another neighbourhood with so many row houses.  The lots are different sizes compared to the rest of the city.  There is a very different feel to homes because of these unique lot sizes.

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Walking Boston – Fenway Park

A new day meant more walking. This fine Monday morning, the sky had stopped crying and I was able to get around without worrying about an umbrella.  First on today’s agenda was Fenway Park.  The grand old ballpark is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year.  I was hoping to actually catch a game at Fenway, but I believe I was a week or two too … Continue reading Walking Boston – Fenway Park

Walking Boston – Public Garden and Boston Common

Many cities have green oases in the middle of them.  New York has Central Park and Vancouver has Stanley Park. In Boston’s case, there are two green spaces right next to each other, which I guess you could think of as one larger space.  However, they are named separately and are bisected by Charles Street in the middle. The Public Garden was founded in 1837 … Continue reading Walking Boston – Public Garden and Boston Common

The Newly Opened High Line in NYC

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Portland Saturday Market and Williamette River Waterfront

We lucked out on some great weather in Portland.  The Friday we drove down was a mixed bag of clouds, rain, and wind.  The next few days, however, were gorgeous short-sleeve type weather.  Spring had finally arrived in the Pacific Northwest. We hopped onto the MAX for free this morning and headed down to the Portland Saturday Market.  We got off at the Skidmore Fountain … Continue reading Portland Saturday Market and Williamette River Waterfront