Free/Subsidized Parking and Transit Subsidies

Interesting article at Citylab on parking and transit subsidies in the US. It’s definitely a good study in human behaviour. Apparently, the “fairness” of  transit subsidies that match parking subsidies given to employees does not really pan out.

UBC West Parkade (image from

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The Imminent Parking Re-Think

I just read a long, but worthwhile article on “An End to Parking?” on Mother Jones.

An giant empty parking lot in Sapporo, Japan

If you haven’t heard, the future is coming soon to a road near you. And the future is self-driving cars. There’s been a lot of talk about self-driving cars over the years. I’ve even sat in one back in 2006 at a Toyota Showcase building in Odaiba area of Tokyo.

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Downtown Portland and Our Happy Hour Disappointment

As I am typing this, I realize that I didn’t take many photos as we were in Downtown Portland.  We had finished riding the Portland Aerial Tram and had come downtown.  This is when the weather turned.  We had turned our car into one parking lot to see if there were any spots and then came back out to a downpour.  Egads!  Save the camera! … Continue reading Downtown Portland and Our Happy Hour Disappointment

Hornby Street Parking and Electronic Parking Signs

Plenty of parking is Hornby Street’s best-kept secret >> Vancouver Sun. According to this article there are … Eight-thousand, four hundred and forty-five … parking spaces in and around Hornby Street.  That’s 8,445 in numerals, which I think actually has a bigger wow affect than typing it in words like they do in the article. 8,445. And how many parking spaces are being lost because … Continue reading Hornby Street Parking and Electronic Parking Signs

Robo-style ‘puzzle parking’ in Portland

Portland’s new commuting toy: Robo-style ‘puzzle parking’ – Hard Drive. Cool new parking garage in a new condo complex in southeast Portland.  Automated garages have been around for a while.  I think Japan must have a lot, but I’d have to look up some examples. Parking spots are expensive things for developers.  Developers are constantly trying to reduce parking, especially in downtown condo developments.  In … Continue reading Robo-style ‘puzzle parking’ in Portland

The high cost of ‘free’ parking

The high cost of ‘free’ parking >> Vancouver Sun, July 7, 2009. A very important article in the back of the Vancouver Sun’s Tuesday edition.  Usually you find important transport information on Friday’s when nobody is reading, but this one is a guest opinion-editorial from the looks of it. Municipal regulations requiring urban developments to provide on-site parking seem innocuous and receive little attention in … Continue reading The high cost of ‘free’ parking