Vancouver to Tokyo to Chitose

ANA flight NH115

Having just finished my Hong Kong photos, I am already onto my next trip. My wife and I had been planning something big in celebration of her finishing grad school. So here we are back in Asia. This time, we have decided to do something different. We are learning Japanese in Sapporo, Japan. That’s where we could get beer, ramen, and desserts.

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Walking West Hong Kong Island – Sai Wan

After a quick fix of caffeine and WiFi (plus a chance to rest our feet) at my uncle’s place in Sheung Wan, we were back out on the street. It was Sunday, so my uncle took us down to a weekly market that closes some streets in the area.  There were some performances on a stage and a lot of ladies lining up for some freebies at one tent.

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Toronto 2013 – College Street at Night

For my last night in Toronto, I stayed at Planet Traveler hostel. It’s on College Street near Augusta Avenue and just at the edge of the Kensington Market.  I do recommend staying here.  The shared accommodation is cheap, clean and comfortable.  It has the 3 C’s of hostelling that are hard to come by.  It has free WiFi and free breakfast.  Hard to go wrong with free breakfast.  I just needed the one night, so I only got to know my roommates for a short while.

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Toronto 2013 – Ai Weiwei at the AGO

When I told one of my high school friends that I was going to Toronto, he highly recommended dropping by the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO) to see the Ai Weiwei exhibit. Thankfully, the exhibit had been on for a while and the David Bowie exhibit just started the weekend I was there.  So basically, I wasn’t fighting to buy a ticket.  The David Bowie exhibit had already sold out for the day.

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Toronto 2013 – Around the Royal York

At the end of September, I had the chance to be in Toronto for a work-related meeting.  The weather in Vancouver had already an added crispness while Toronto was still hovering in the low 20’s and high teens for temperature. It had been at least 4 years since I last visited Toronto itself.  I had flown through Pearson International Airport a few times, but I … Continue reading Toronto 2013 – Around the Royal York

Edmonton North LRT – Under Construction

Here’s the last of my Edmonton LRT posts from July 2013.  (It’s amazing how far behind I am on posting things, but things are too busy to do photos and blog everyday).  This post covers the construction of the new Edmonton North LRT.  It’s currently the North LRT, but it will eventually be called the Metro Line once everything is finished. The North LRT currently … Continue reading Edmonton North LRT – Under Construction

Vancouver Island – Fanny Bay to Qualicum Beach

Earlier in the spring when we had gorgeous summer-like weather, I had the good fortune of a Vancouver Island getaway.  My wife had school-related stuff to do on the Island, so I got to tag along for a week.  I had never spend that much time on Vancouver Island, but it was a real treat. It started off with an up-island tour starting in Courtenay.  … Continue reading Vancouver Island – Fanny Bay to Qualicum Beach

See you later, Waldorf

See you later, and hopefully not farewell for now, Waldorf.  The Waldorf as-we-know-it closes operations today.  The whole issue has been talked about enough in the media.  So I’m not going to talk about that here.  I only visited The Waldorf for the first time last Friday on the news that it would be closing soon. So I snapped a few photos as I visited … Continue reading See you later, Waldorf