What YouTube commenters and Plebiscite commentary had in common?

After the No vote has trumped the Transportation and Transit Sales Tax that would have raised $250 million annually for transit service in Metro Vancouver, I got to thinking. Yes, I know it can kill brain cells. Especially thinking about such negative things as the fallout from the No vote to the plebiscite.

Throughout the debate before the votes were all tallied up. I just felt a lot of comments were like YouTube comments. It’s what they call “haters”.

hater definition

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Service cuts to TransLink will affect the ones who need it the most

So the No side had a resounding victory in the Transportation and Transit Plebiscite. It is,I think, an extremely disappointing, but unsurprising result. So where does that leave us as a region. Without stable funding for transit in Metro Vancouver, where do we go from here.

Well, service cuts are probably the first to happen. Transit services for the disabled and the elderly will likely be on the chopping block first.

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Post-Plebiscite Thoughts and Readings

Well, if you haven’t heard by now, the results of the Transportation and Transit Plebiscite were 38.32% Yes and 61.68% No. The results are personally disappointing, but not at all surprising.

Gary Mason at The Globe and Mail talks of how the plebiscite was doomed from the beginning.

More than $6-million was spent – no, wasted – by TransLink and a coalition of the willing to underwrite a campaign the public had no interest in supporting. Plebiscite strategists such as Mr. Schlackman could only roll their eyes at the pitiful amount of time the provincial government gave the mayors to try to sell their $7.5-billion vision. In the U.S., transit proponents often have campaign runways that stretch up to two years. The mayors had a few months.

I think his last sentence in the article sums up how I feel about how this plebiscite.

All this plebiscite did was demonstrate what happens when a province’s political leadership abdicates its responsibility to govern.

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How I will personally benefit from a Yes vote

What’s in it for me? I think that’s the most common question somebody asks themselves when faced with an election or vote like we’re facing in Metro Vancouver.  I personally don’t usually vote that way, but I think it’s a very relevant question for the transit plebiscite.

So how will I personally benefit from a Yes vote?

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I’m on the go everyday and so are you.

I’m on the go everyday and so are you. I walk. I ride. I bike. I drive. It doesn’t matter how we get around, but we all want a choice. For a better choice on how I get around, I’m voting Yes to transit This is my personally created Vote Yes for Better Transit poster. Please feel to share if it strikes a chord with you. Or take the idea and create a similar poster of your own. We … Continue reading I’m on the go everyday and so are you.

Transportation and Transit Plan 15 – Broadway SkyTrain Extension

Next to the Surrey LRT project, this is the next largest of the planned transit projects in the Mayor’s Council plan. This is also the planned project with the most profound effect on how I personally travel in my daily life and it will have a huge effect on my workplace in Kitsilano.

Broadway SkyTrain Extension

broadway skytrain extension
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Transportation and Transit Plan 14 – Commercial/Victoria Drive B-Line

Here’s the last of the planned B-Line buses slated to start service between 2020 and 2025. For this B-Line, we return to Vancouver proper. This time, it’s one of the busiest routes in the system that gets an upgrade to B-Line status.

Commercial/Victoria Drive B-Line

commercial victoria bline map

The #20 Victoria bus is one of the busiest routes in the system. The #20 already uses the double-length articulated buses with trolley wires. However, the frequency of the #20 is a little wanting, especially in the evening. I’ve been caught a few times where the next #20 at night is 15-20 minutes away. If the bus came more frequently, then I wouldn’t have to brave a cold wet midnight walk from the bar to the SkyTrain at Commercial and Broadway. A more frequent bus service would be great for the evening and late night patrons along The Drive. Continue reading “Transportation and Transit Plan 14 – Commercial/Victoria Drive B-Line”