VHF Burrard Street Walk – the Central Business District

Burrard Street is home to our current Central Business District.  It is where Vancouver does business.  The stretch from Hastings south to Georgia is home to most of the corporate headquarters in British Columbia. We walked south along Burrard from the Marine Building while Maurice, our guide extraordinaire once again, introduced some of the buildings to us.  One of the first buildings we came across … Continue reading VHF Burrard Street Walk – the Central Business District

Remo Camerota’s Drainspotting

I came across an interesting article in the local Vancouver Chinese newspaper.  The colourful photos of manhole covers caught my attention.  And the photo of the British born, Australian artist, Remo Camerota, exhibiting his work in Hong Kong also caught my attention. Camerota was recently hired by Hong Kong’s Towngas to design a unique manhole pit cover for the company.  He released a book on … Continue reading Remo Camerota’s Drainspotting

Nuit Blanche TTC Pass

scotiabank nuit blanche – October 3, 2009 For all you lucky Torontonians, Nuit Blanche is coming up on October 3, 2009.  It’s a “free all night contemporary art thing.”  Last fall, I lucked out being in Halifax for their all night art thing called Nocturne. Toronto seems to have a lot more of these neat public art events.  Illuminato was a big event back in … Continue reading Nuit Blanche TTC Pass

Nocturne: Public Art in Halifax

Nocturne: Art at Night I lucked out while in Halifax this weekend.  There was a large, first-time, public art event called Nocturne.  There were sites all over downtown Halifax that people walked to take in arts of all sort. The Nova Scotia Crystal Gallery along the wharf had such a huge turnout that they ran out of glass to work on before the end of … Continue reading Nocturne: Public Art in Halifax