Sapporo Streetcar

Apart from the buses and subway system in Sapporo. There is also the Sapporo Streetcar. The Sapporo Streetcar runs in what almost looks like an L-shaped loop, but the loop is incomplete at one end. So the two termini of the line are literally two blocks apart from each other.

Looking east from the Susukino Streetcar stop

These two end stops both start in the busy Susukino district of Sapporo. Susukino is Sapporo’s entertainment district. It’s home to a whole whack of restaurants, host/hostess clubs, and other businesses of the night. Susukino is where you will also find the largest collection of neon billboards and adverts in town. This area really shines through at night.

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A week of Road Pricing news

I’ve noticed that the Vancouver Sun has been featuring a lot of articles on Road Pricing in Metro Vancouver this week.  There’s been at least 6 articles in the past 4 days.  It’s a big topic with the impending Massey Tunnel replacement and need to replace the Patullo Bridge at the forefront of the Minister of Transportation’s agenda. Also, the features are meant to coincide … Continue reading A week of Road Pricing news

Canadian Infrastructure Spending – Rebuilding Canada – series If you have nothing to read over the holidays, then I guess you can read the series by the Canwest News Service.  The series focuses on Social/Recreational Facilities, Roads and Bridges, Public Transit, Water/Sewers, and Garbage Disposal.Already from glancing at the numbers and information, the details are hardly detailed enough to give you the precise picture of the funding … Continue reading Canadian Infrastructure Spending

Vancouver Transit News

Some recent articles related to local transit. One from The Tyee talks about installing barriers on the platform to prevent passengers from falling into the tracks and to prevent potential suicide attempts.  Clearly, one person’s life is not viewed as being worth the millions of dollars it takes to keep people from accidentally falling into the tracks.  The article has some pretty gruesome descriptions of … Continue reading Vancouver Transit News

Spend your way out of a recession?

The Globe and Mail, November 15, 2008 New York Times, November 9, 2008 Not sure if I would buy into the theory if spending your way out of a recession, but certainly Richard Koo, the chief economist for Japan’s Nomura Research Institute, would like you to.  His theory posits that Japan was able to maintain its current economic position in the world by spending during … Continue reading Spend your way out of a recession?