Vancouver Plan

Have you heard about the Vancouver Plan? The Vancouver Plan will feature a single, city-wide plan to guide future growth in line with key community priorities. The Vancouver Plan will also aim to keep the qualities that make Vancouver special while responding to the challenges facing the city and its residents. The Vancouver Plan has been in process for a while, but it is now … Continue reading Vancouver Plan

Montreal’s rapid transit set to double

I just saw a very impressive plan to expand Montreal’s rapid transit system. The new elevated rapid transit line, similar to Vancouver’s SkyTrain design will almost double the rapid transit available in the Montreal region. In fact, it will likely become North America’s longest elevated rail line when it comes to fruition.


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Edmonton North LRT – Under Construction

Here’s the last of my Edmonton LRT posts from July 2013.  (It’s amazing how far behind I am on posting things, but things are too busy to do photos and blog everyday).  This post covers the construction of the new Edmonton North LRT.  It’s currently the North LRT, but it will eventually be called the Metro Line once everything is finished. The North LRT currently … Continue reading Edmonton North LRT – Under Construction

UBC-Broadway & Surrey Rapid Transit

Is it just me or does transit news only ever get released on Fridays? On Friday, the papers were abuzz again about the UBC Broadway Rapid Transit corridor.  A KPMG report prepared for the City of Vancouver and the University of British Columbia pushes for a fully underground rapid transit line connecting UBC to the Broadway-Commercial area.  Outside of Downtown Vancouver, the Central Broadway Corridor … Continue reading UBC-Broadway & Surrey Rapid Transit

Getting Around Boston – the T Subway System

T is the 20th letter of the English alphabet.  It’s a seemingly innocuous letter.  But in Boston, you better know that T refers to the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA).  T is just so much simpler and faster to say. During most of my stay in Boston, I was at a conference for work.  We were staying at the Marriott Copley Place Boston .  It … Continue reading Getting Around Boston – the T Subway System

Fun Subways/Metros of the World Graphic

Here’s a fun not-so-little graphic from the folks at GOOD.  It takes the top five rapid transit systems in the US and compares them to five of the most well-known metro systems in the world.  The American systems have comparable miles of track laid, but don’t have the ridership of other systems worldwide.  It just seems that systems in the US are not able to … Continue reading Fun Subways/Metros of the World Graphic

Rapid transit for Surrey

Metro Vancouver pushes rapid transit for Surrey, not UBC — Vancouver Sun. Put this under the category of “not a new idea.”  Most people who have followed urban development in Metro Vancouver know that Surrey is the fastest growing city in the Metro region and that it’s transit system is woefully inadequate. Whenever we talk about transit South of the Fraser, a lot of people … Continue reading Rapid transit for Surrey

Evergreen Line – how many stations

With a pending announcement about funding for the $400M shortfall in funding for the much delayed Evergreen Line on the horizon, there’s been a little more news and blogging about the line.  I hadn’t really followed the Evergreen Line news for quite a while. An old graphic of the original LRT plan reveals 12 stations within easy walking distance to most of the Tri-Cities communities … Continue reading Evergreen Line – how many stations

The very late Oakridge Station open house post

Haha…I am over a month behind on my post here.  I’ve been sitting on tons of photos.  The summer gives a lot of opportunity to take pictures, but it’s a pain to sort, organize, and post-process them.  Plus, the recent heat wave didn’t help because I did not want to sit in front of my computer trying to work through a blog post. It wasn’t … Continue reading The very late Oakridge Station open house post