Joyce-Collingwood Precinct – a brief history

Welcome to my hood. This is Joyce-Collingwood. I’m still not used to the long version of the Skytrain station name. I still just call it Joyce Station. However, Collingwood is the official name of the neighbourhood, hence the hyphenated name.

Joyce Collingwood 3D model capture

Well before I was ever around, this area of Collingwood was a lake where the Musqueam nation used to hunt and gather food. When colonial settlement happened, European settlers found that they could drain the lake and use the fertile soil for farming. In 1891, the Interurban tram opened along the very same alignment as today’s SkyTrain. The Interurban brought people, housing and businesses into the area.

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Marriott Copley Place Boston

For the conference portion of my stay in Boston, we were in the Marriott Copley Place Boston.  It’s in the middle of the Back Bay area of downtown Boston.  It’s a very convenient location. There are two shopping centres connected into the hotel.  Copley Place is built directly into the hotel and the Prudential Center is accessible by an enclosed pedestrian bridge over Huntington Avenue.  … Continue reading Marriott Copley Place Boston

my modo experiences so far – part 1

Now to be fair to the other car share programs in Vancouver, I should give you my review of the other car share program that I have used – modo.  Modo is formerly known as the Co-operative Auto Network.  They updated the look and name just this year. Modo is a more set car sharing program.  The co-op has vehicles across Metro Vancouver.  The coverage … Continue reading my modo experiences so far – part 1