Expo 86 Videos – reposted

Expo 86 videos. Oh the heady days of the summer of 86. We’re still not the great city of transport we wanted to be. http://ow.ly/e8J3J These are videos that I found in my Tyee news feed. The first video is of the original Mark I SkyTrain racing through the eastern end of the Expo 86 grounds.  There are also clips of the temporary gondola and … Continue reading Expo 86 Videos – reposted

VanSun says “Transit taxes odious but necessary…”

Transit taxes odious but necessary for growth of city — Vancouver Sun, July 13, 2011 It’s not everyday that I agree with editorial from the Vancouver Sun. The Vancouver Sun weighs in after Christy Clark “throws Blair Lekstrom under the Evergreen Line.” It’s nice to see for once a mainstream newspaper supporting transit initiatives and funding for transit in general. The Vancouver Sun makes a … Continue reading VanSun says “Transit taxes odious but necessary…”

Rapid transit for Surrey

Metro Vancouver pushes rapid transit for Surrey, not UBC — Vancouver Sun. Put this under the category of “not a new idea.”  Most people who have followed urban development in Metro Vancouver know that Surrey is the fastest growing city in the Metro region and that it’s transit system is woefully inadequate. Whenever we talk about transit South of the Fraser, a lot of people … Continue reading Rapid transit for Surrey

UBC Broadway Debate

TransLink started their newest consultation last week.  The UBC – Broadway corridor has been studied to death over the past 20 years, but here’s our latest manifestation. TransLink has opened up their Be Part of the Plan website to comments and feedback.  They have provided 6 alternatives showing 6 basic routing options with a mix of 3-4 four different technology options.  Check out their Alternatives … Continue reading UBC Broadway Debate

Evergreen Line – how many stations

With a pending announcement about funding for the $400M shortfall in funding for the much delayed Evergreen Line on the horizon, there’s been a little more news and blogging about the line.  I hadn’t really followed the Evergreen Line news for quite a while. An old graphic of the original LRT plan reveals 12 stations within easy walking distance to most of the Tri-Cities communities … Continue reading Evergreen Line – how many stations

The Buzzer blog » A SkyTrain cake!

The Buzzer blog » A SkyTrain cake!. The Buzzer Blog recently posted about a SkyTrain cake.  The kid in the story is a big SkyTrain fan and has used up his fair share of cardboard SkyTrain toys.  He even has homemade wooden SkyTrain toys (Now that’s impressive). I always look at Hong Kong’s transit marketing to see what direction TransLink’s marketing could go. A die … Continue reading The Buzzer blog » A SkyTrain cake!

SkyTrain Delays and No Announcements

I must say I am a little disappointed with SkyTrain’s handling of a delay during today’s afternoon rush hour.  I arrived at Broadway Station around 5:45pm and discovered that the trains were extremely delayed. One westbound train had just arrived when I got on the platform and one eastbound train was full of people waiting.  The platform was also quite full.  I patiently waited for … Continue reading SkyTrain Delays and No Announcements

The very late Oakridge Station open house post

Haha…I am over a month behind on my post here.  I’ve been sitting on tons of photos.  The summer gives a lot of opportunity to take pictures, but it’s a pain to sort, organize, and post-process them.  Plus, the recent heat wave didn’t help because I did not want to sit in front of my computer trying to work through a blog post. It wasn’t … Continue reading The very late Oakridge Station open house post

1982 on building SkyTrain (aka ALRT)

VIA Architecture: The case to abort LRT, October 21 1982. What a great post about the problems that the GVRD faced when SkyTrain was first planned and built.  Somebody at VIA Architecture dug up this beauty of an article. Huge parallels between then and now.  The lack of provincial government funding is present yesterday as it is today.  Even though they were the ones who … Continue reading 1982 on building SkyTrain (aka ALRT)