Compass Beta Test – Yes!

Yes! I’ve been selected as one of the Compass Beta Testers.  That means I get an early preview of the new Compass smart cards.  I know there’s been a lot of negative coverage regarding a transfer penalty at SkyTrain stations and about privacy issues.  However, with my experience with Octopus cards in Hong Kong, I’m excited to compare and see how things stack up.  I … Continue reading Compass Beta Test – Yes!

Getting Around Boston – Fares on the T

Your basic ride on the T involves paying $2 at a Ticket Vending Machine at subway stations.  You get a CharlieTicket that you use to get through the fare gates.  Slide the CharlieTicket into the ticket slot.  The gate will read your card and spit it back out on top of the machine for you to collect.  The gates will then open up for you … Continue reading Getting Around Boston – Fares on the T