TransLink’s New SmartCard Names

It looks like some higher power in TransLink has decided to not go with the original smart card name choices – Compass, Otter, Umbrella, and George (in honor of Capt. Vancouver). The new choices are now Compass, TPass, and Starfish. So my one question is who was the brainchild that changed the choices? Personally, I’m not all that impressed, but with the current final three, … Continue reading TransLink’s New SmartCard Names

Select Smart Cards from around the world

TransLink and the BC Ministry of Transportation just started a Fare Card Naming Contest recently.  So I thought it would be great to take a look at some of the Smart Cards already in operation out there.  Ours won’t be available until 2013, but we can take a look at what other cities have to offer in their smart cards. Seattle – ORCA Card   … Continue reading Select Smart Cards from around the world

My suggestions to TransLink on raising funds

TransLink has a site up to give them some feedback on how to direct the growth of the regional transportation system.  You can participate at  Here’s what I wrote in my comment area of the survey.  You can tell that I take a lot of my cues with my experience in Hong Kong.  Thus far in my transit experience, Hong Kong has the best … Continue reading My suggestions to TransLink on raising funds

SkyTrain Turnstile debate

To install or not install turnstiles at SkyTrain stations.  There seems to be a debate on about this.  Several articles have come out recently in the media and on blogs 24 Hours Vancouver, “Study Spins Turnstile Fight” CBC News, TransLink Fare Evasion Dropping: Study Stephen Ree’s Blog, TransLink Fare Evasion Dropping Stephen Rees’ Blog, Oyster card hack to be published There are obvious reasons for … Continue reading SkyTrain Turnstile debate