London Time Lapse Video

An awesome time-lapse video made of about 18 000 photos.  Paul Richardson, the proud creator of this video, recounts how he cycled eight days around London carrying his 22 kg of camera equipment. 200 miles later, 364 GB of data, and weeks of video editing produced 2 minutes and 47 seconds of wonder.  Kudos to Paul. Check out the video. Restless Nights from Paul Richardson … Continue reading London Time Lapse Video

Canada Line preview – time lapse video

I’m surprised I didn’t come across this video earlier.  The video is from May 2009 and is a time-lapse (albeit in reverse) of a run along the Canada Line from Waterfront Station all the way to the airport.   The video actually stops short of YVR station, which is a shame.  However, it gives you an idea of how the line will feel like if you … Continue reading Canada Line preview – time lapse video