New Mark III SkyTrains coming soon

The transit geek in me is totally looking forward to the opening of the Evergreen Line in 2016. Along with the new line and increased ridership coming out of Coquitlam, new trains will be needed. We’re getting 28. Count’em. 28 new trains. And boy, are they looking sleek.

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Fun Subways/Metros of the World Graphic

Here’s a fun not-so-little graphic from the folks at GOOD.  It takes the top five rapid transit systems in the US and compares them to five of the most well-known metro systems in the world.  The American systems have comparable miles of track laid, but don’t have the ridership of other systems worldwide.  It just seems that systems in the US are not able to … Continue reading Fun Subways/Metros of the World Graphic

A short ride on Opening Day

August 17, 2009 – opening day for the Canada Line.  Unfortunately for me, it was on Monday.  Fortunately for TransLink, they planned it on a Monday.  The line ups were crazy even for a Monday.  Imagine if they did the fare free day on the weekend.  I don’t remember the Millennium Line’s fare-free day being so busy. I couldn’t get off work until 5pm.  My … Continue reading A short ride on Opening Day

The very late Oakridge Station open house post

Haha…I am over a month behind on my post here.  I’ve been sitting on tons of photos.  The summer gives a lot of opportunity to take pictures, but it’s a pain to sort, organize, and post-process them.  Plus, the recent heat wave didn’t help because I did not want to sit in front of my computer trying to work through a blog post. It wasn’t … Continue reading The very late Oakridge Station open house post

Is Cascadia’s train coming in?

Is Cascadia’s train coming in?. Here’s a piece that follows closely along what Miro Cernitig wrote a few weeks ago on Obama hoping to put $8 billion US into a high-speed rail corridor from Vancouver, BC to Eugene, OR.  Economically, it will give us closer ties to both Washington and Oregon states.  A lot more business could transpire between BC and the large multinationals headquartered … Continue reading Is Cascadia’s train coming in?

Trains in Games: EA’s Rail Simulator

Electronic Arts: Rail Simulator I always wondered what I’d do if I weren’t doing my current job.  I could be an urban planner, but then I’d have to go back to school.  Or I could become a train driver.  Here was my chance to see if I would qualify.  I picked up a $10 copy of Rail Simulator to try my luck. EA’s Rail Simulator … Continue reading Trains in Games: EA’s Rail Simulator

Canada Line Trains

Canada Line Photography Blog: OMC 2008-09-28 After a recent visit Mr. Palecloud’s Canada Line Photography Blog, I marvelled at how many of the Canada Line trains have actually arrived in Vancouver.  These new trains are manufactured by Rotem of South Korea.  I believe they are subsidiary of Hyundai, one of Korea’s large conglomerate companies that make the autos we know by that name.  Rotem also … Continue reading Canada Line Trains