Montreal’s rapid transit set to double

I just saw a very impressive plan to expand Montreal’s rapid transit system. The new elevated rapid transit line, similar to Vancouver’s SkyTrain design will almost double the rapid transit available in the Montreal region. In fact, it will likely become North America’s longest elevated rail line when it comes to fruition.


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Metro Vancouver Transit Funding’s Ongoing Saga – May 2016


Okay, let’s start by looking at some of the numbers being bandied about in the news.

First off. There’s the one constant in this picture. Justin Trudeau’s federal Liberals have promised to pay for 50% of the funds for infrastructure projects across the country.

Here’s what the other two levels of government have offered.

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Surrey LRT – Support and Funding

The conversation for expanded fixed rail transit in Surrey continues to roll along. Metro Vancouver’s second largest municipality by population and largest by land area is still trying to push forward after the failed transit plebiscitie/referendum of 2015.


A few things have happened in the past year that may help Surrey get its long-desired LRT.

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Toronto’s Transit Rollercoaster


Ever since I lived in Toronto back in 2003, I’ve always kept an eye on transit developments in the GTA. In the early days, there was David Miller’s Transit City, which promised to criss-cross the city with light rail. Then Rob Ford rumbled into office and promised the gravy train along with the light rail trains. Instead, Rob Ford planned on fewer lines, but with all of them being heavy rail subway lines. Then most recently came John Tory and his SmartTrack which was a vaunted “surface subway” that would start moving Toronto in a new way.

Three mayors with three very different visions over the past 13 years. It’s enough to make any transit follower’s eyes spin.

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Transport Politic’s New Transit for 2016


Yonah Freemark’s map of New Transit in 2016

Yonah Freemark has been starting off the New Year with a look at New Transit across North America since 2009. Here’s the 2016 edition.

Metro Vancouver’s Evergreen Line would have made this map for 2016. However, the tunneling problems involving sinkholes on roads in and around Clarke Road has delayed the complete of the Evergreen SkyTrain Line until early 2017.

For an extremely thorough look ahead at the upcoming year in transit, though, take a look at Yonah Freemark’s Transport Politic blog.

Compass Notes – a Month of Stored Value

Well, it’s been 3 months with my new Compass Card. I’ve had mostly good experiences with the card. I used 2 months of the card with a monthly pass – in October and November – and one month in December with only my Stored Value.

A trip using Stored Value is $2.10 for 1-zone, $3.15 for 2-zones, and $4.20 for 3-zones. The multi-zone fares apply to any trips that include a SkyTrain and SeaBus portion. However, if you are taking the bus only, then $2.10 is all you pay.

card usage filter

If you’ve registered your card, then you can easily track how much you’ve spent. Simply filter correctly for the date range and find out how much you’ve spent.

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Compass Notes – Monthly Passes only on Compass Card

All Monthly Pass Holders Must Use Compass Card

First of all, welcome to all you monthly pass transit users. We all need to transfer over to the Compass Card since TransLink is no longer issuing paper monthly passes as of January 2016. So you may have already gone into your local transit FareDealer and found that no paper monthly passes were available.

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