Where’s the double-decker bus?

I have a confession to make. I am, for the most part, a Surrey bus virgin. I don’t know much about the bus system south of the Fraser River. I’ve taken the SkyTrain into Surrey a few times, but I rarely ever take the bus in Surrey. Yeah. I’ve taken the R1 one stop. And then I started to travel up and down Scott Road … Continue reading Where’s the double-decker bus?

Metro Vancouver Transit Funding’s Ongoing Saga – May 2016


Okay, let’s start by looking at some of the numbers being bandied about in the news.

First off. There’s the one constant in this picture. Justin Trudeau’s federal Liberals have promised to pay for 50% of the funds for infrastructure projects across the country.

Here’s what the other two levels of government have offered.

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Zurich’s Transportation

Those who follow my blog know that I’m a transit traveller. What does that mean? That means I ride transit in whatever destination I arrive. I must admit Zurich was not high on my list of transit travels. However, I am impressed by what I saw on this Streetfilms video.

I first saw the video on my WordPress Reader feed thanks to Stephen Rees. He asks the question: why should transit be grade-separated as subways or elevated rails?

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Vancouver Transportation Readings

Peace Arch border crossing traffic

As we are in the middle of the plebiscite, I’m sure the dedicated No voters have already vigorously mailed in their ballots. The same can be said of us Yes voters who are equally dedicated to the Yes side. However, I think there’s still plenty of you out there who may still be thoughtfully percolating over the issues. Here’s some more readings related to the referendum and issues surrounding transportation in Vancouver.

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Transportation and Transit Plan 15 – Broadway SkyTrain Extension

Next to the Surrey LRT project, this is the next largest of the planned transit projects in the Mayor’s Council plan. This is also the planned project with the most profound effect on how I personally travel in my daily life and it will have a huge effect on my workplace in Kitsilano.

Broadway SkyTrain Extension

broadway skytrain extension
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Transportation and Transit Plan 14 – Commercial/Victoria Drive B-Line

Here’s the last of the planned B-Line buses slated to start service between 2020 and 2025. For this B-Line, we return to Vancouver proper. This time, it’s one of the busiest routes in the system that gets an upgrade to B-Line status.

Commercial/Victoria Drive B-Line

commercial victoria bline map

The #20 Victoria bus is one of the busiest routes in the system. The #20 already uses the double-length articulated buses with trolley wires. However, the frequency of the #20 is a little wanting, especially in the evening. I’ve been caught a few times where the next #20 at night is 15-20 minutes away. If the bus came more frequently, then I wouldn’t have to brave a cold wet midnight walk from the bar to the SkyTrain at Commercial and Broadway. A more frequent bus service would be great for the evening and late night patrons along The Drive. Continue reading “Transportation and Transit Plan 14 – Commercial/Victoria Drive B-Line”

Transportation and Transit Plan 13 – Newton to White Rock B-Line

When the Surrey LRT is completed, the #96 B-Line from Surrey Central to Newton Exchange will no longer be necessary, but modifying the B-Line to run all the way to White Rock from Newton would make perfect sense.

Newton to White Rock B-Line

newton to white rock bline map

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