UBC A Capella: Transit to Town

Here’s a cute promotional video to support the Yes vote for the current transit plebiscite. It’s been featured on other blogs, but I thought it worth posting here. It’s a small group of UBC students singing “I Get Around” with a transit bent. Continue reading UBC A Capella: Transit to Town

Transportation and Transit Plan 6 – 41st Avenue B-Line

Project #6 is another university bound B-Line in the Regional Transportation Investments that will transform Metro Vancouver as we know it.

41st Avenue B-Line (Joyce Station to University of British Columbia)

41st ave bline map

This route is of personal importance to me. I took a bus out to UBC during my uni days and endured many 1-hour bus rides along 41st Avenue. The 41st Avenue B-Line would be another express bus upgrade. This route is currently served by both #41 and #43 buses. The #43 is the current express bus that only runs during rush hour.  I would hope a new B-Line along 41st Avenue would bring all-day, frequent, limited-stop service to 41st Avenue.
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My Health, My Community

My Health My Community is a new non-profit partnership between  Vancouver Coastal Health Authority, Fraser Health and the eHealth Strategy Office at UBC.  It is running a survey to learn more about our lifestyle, environment, and neighbourhoods affect our health over time. The information gathered will be used to shape programs and community services in the respective health authorities. If you are 18 years or … Continue reading My Health, My Community

UBC-Broadway & Surrey Rapid Transit

Is it just me or does transit news only ever get released on Fridays? On Friday, the papers were abuzz again about the UBC Broadway Rapid Transit corridor.  A KPMG report prepared for the City of Vancouver and the University of British Columbia pushes for a fully underground rapid transit line connecting UBC to the Broadway-Commercial area.  Outside of Downtown Vancouver, the Central Broadway Corridor … Continue reading UBC-Broadway & Surrey Rapid Transit

Memories on Transit 2 – the 80’s Broadway milk run on #9

Before the SkyTrain ever plied the rails in Vancouver, life on transit was, well, slower.  If anyone had to travel along Broadway, there was only the #9.  The 99 B-Line didn’t start running until the late 90’s, so there was no quick way across town. I was a kid back in the 80’s.  And my brother and I had to head out to UBC.  It … Continue reading Memories on Transit 2 – the 80’s Broadway milk run on #9

Good Reads 2 – A Convenience Truth

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Another Fall book – this one from Patrick Condon’s shop at UBC: a collaboration by 20 student landscape architects and planners who in only 13 weeks produced a detailed 2050 vision for a sustainable City of Vancouver. Seventeen students combined to do a 2050 plan for the City of Vancouver. The City of Vancouver is considered by many to be North America’s… Continue reading Good Reads 2 – A Convenience Truth

High-Tech Bike Storage Facility Opens in Buchanan Tower

High-Tech Bike Storage Facility Opens in Buchanan Tower. Universities have always been places of innovation.  So it’s nice to see UBC have some brand new fangled bike racks.  Too bad UBC has always been way out of riding radius.  Even biking to work is a long stretch for me.  I’m not in the favoured 5 km radius from work.  Fun looking racks, though.  The article … Continue reading High-Tech Bike Storage Facility Opens in Buchanan Tower

Rapid transit for Surrey

Metro Vancouver pushes rapid transit for Surrey, not UBC — Vancouver Sun. Put this under the category of “not a new idea.”  Most people who have followed urban development in Metro Vancouver know that Surrey is the fastest growing city in the Metro region and that it’s transit system is woefully inadequate. Whenever we talk about transit South of the Fraser, a lot of people … Continue reading Rapid transit for Surrey

UBC Broadway Debate

TransLink started their newest consultation last week.  The UBC – Broadway corridor has been studied to death over the past 20 years, but here’s our latest manifestation. TransLink has opened up their Be Part of the Plan website to comments and feedback.  They have provided 6 alternatives showing 6 basic routing options with a mix of 3-4 four different technology options.  Check out their Alternatives … Continue reading UBC Broadway Debate