Joyce Station East Stationhouse

There’s been a flurry of transit related news this past week. Most of it about funding transit from the local Metro level and the BC provincial level. I haven’t had time to sift through the numbers, let alone blog!


So let me work on something that’s a bit more tangible and easier for me to blog quickly about. My local SkyTrain station is under reconstruction. The whole east stationhouse is being rebuilt.

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SkyTrain Station Upgrades

If you travel along the Expo Line in Metro Vancouver, you may have noticed some major station upgrades underway.  The most obvious upgrade at this moment is happening at Main Street Station.  However, big changes are also afoot at Metrotown Station. Main Street Station has been under renovation for the past few months. The whole east end of the station has been cut off under … Continue reading SkyTrain Station Upgrades

Broadway Station Upgrades

It looks like re:place magazine is on the ball with this one. I picked up my copy of the mini brochure with the summary of changes, but you should read the re:place article.  It gives good detail and references back to the TransLink study about transit villages around SkyTrain stations that helped decide what upgrades needed to be done. A quick summary of the upgrades … Continue reading Broadway Station Upgrades