Hong Kong City Gallery

Here’s a very little known “museum” in Hong Kong. So little known that the place is eerily quiet for a Hong Kong facility. This is the City Gallery. The gallery isn’t expensive. In fact, it’s free. The gallery isn’t in the middle of nowhere. It’s right down in Central Hong Kong near the old City Hall. So why is it so quiet? I have no idea.

The first time I heard about the City Gallery was when one of my friends in Hong Kong visited the place. He tagged me in his Facebook photos and said that it would be the kind of place I would love to visit. How can I say no to a place that is meant to showcase a city, its infrastructure, and its urban development? That’s right up my alley.

I had walked over from the Legislative Council building in Admiralty. The City Gallery was directly in between Admiralty and Central stations. So it wouldn’t really have mattered which way I came. It was at least a 10 minute walk towards the waterfront from either station.

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Gordon Price at July’s Creative Mornings

I really enjoyed this hour long video of Gordon Price talking about how constraints breed creativity. The Lower Mainland itself has constraints that frame the creativity of an urban landscape within a sea of green. This sea of green is bordered by water to the west, the US border to the south and the mountains to the north and east. Some of my favourite takeaway … Continue reading Gordon Price at July’s Creative Mornings

Vimeo Video: Placemaking & Seattle

I love videos like this one.  It’s so interesting to find little nuggets like this video on the Internet.  This video talks about “placemaking” in the South Lake Union area of Seattle.  This is the neighbourhood in which Amazon’s headquarters are now located.  It’s urban and just on the northern edge of the Seattle’s downtown. The video also includes James Howard Kunstler, whose hyperbole about … Continue reading Vimeo Video: Placemaking & Seattle

The Tyee – Seven Rules for Sustainable Communities

The Tyee – Seven Rules for Sustainable Communities. The Tyee has started a series of excerpt’s from Patrick Condon’s Seven Rules for Sustainable Communities: Design Strategies for the Post Carbon World.  One of his key arguments is that our North American cities were, at one time, models of sustainability when the streetcar dominated the cityscape.  A model that was quickly destroyed after World War II … Continue reading The Tyee – Seven Rules for Sustainable Communities

Where Have All the Children Gone? | BTAworks

Where Have All the Children Gone? | BTAworks. I think this is a great piece of research by BTAworks, Bing Thom Architect’s urban planning and research arm.  I read about this in the paper the other day, but newspapers never reference their work :S .  Not to worry.  Gordon Price posted a link on his Price Tags blog.  Thanks, Gordon. I’m a big fan of … Continue reading Where Have All the Children Gone? | BTAworks

Vancouverism VS Motordom – aq April 2008

Vancouverism VS Motordom – aq April 2008. Picked this article up through Price Tags.  It’s written by Larry Beasley, former head planner at the City of Vancouver, for aq, the magazine of Simon Fraser University.  It doesn’t say much that is new to me, but it does give a good summary of the history of urban planning in Vancouver and the development of “Vancouverism” with … Continue reading Vancouverism VS Motordom – aq April 2008