Evergreen Line is Go!

With two new boys in my life, I wasn’t able to step away from home to experience the opening of the Evergreen Extension of the Millennium Line. Besides, it was a miserable, rainy day. Plus, I’m almost a week after the opening day releasing this post. Life happens.

The stickers are off and the Evergreen Line is Go!

In lieu of my own photos and video, I thought you could partake in some videos yourself scattered across YouTube.

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Expo 86 Videos – reposted

Expo 86 videos. Oh the heady days of the summer of 86. We’re still not the great city of transport we wanted to be.

These are videos that I found in my Tyee news feed.

The first video is of the original Mark I SkyTrain racing through the eastern end of the Expo 86 grounds.  There are also clips of the temporary gondola and monorail that were set up on the world exposition grounds.

The second video is a photo slideshow of Expo 86 in all it’s 1980’s glory. It still looks cool after all these years.  Of course, it’s all different along the north shore of False Creek now.