London Time Lapse Video

An awesome time-lapse video made of about 18 000 photos.  Paul Richardson, the proud creator of this video, recounts how he cycled eight days around London carrying his 22 kg of camera equipment. 200 miles later, 364 GB of data, and weeks of video editing produced 2 minutes and 47 seconds of wonder.  Kudos to Paul. Check out the video. Restless Nights from Paul Richardson … Continue reading London Time Lapse Video

Gordon Price at July’s Creative Mornings

I really enjoyed this hour long video of Gordon Price talking about how constraints breed creativity. The Lower Mainland itself has constraints that frame the creativity of an urban landscape within a sea of green. This sea of green is bordered by water to the west, the US border to the south and the mountains to the north and east. Some of my favourite takeaway … Continue reading Gordon Price at July’s Creative Mornings

Vimeo – For the Love of Chinatown I’ve been away from blogging longer than I thought. I was out of town for a weekend and will have photos to follow 🙂 However, in the meantime, I’d like to share this video that I stumbled upon through Yuri Artibise of fame. It’s to promote the Vancouver Chinatown Night Market that runs from May 17 to September 8th this year. I always … Continue reading Vimeo – For the Love of Chinatown

Travel on my mind – Tokyo Timelapse

Another week and another set of videos that I’ve perusing.  I’ve got travel on my mind, but I don’t have any near-term plans for heading out of town.  I should be doing a more in-depth blog, but sloth is creeping in (and so are video games, I must confess).  However, if you love travel and you love videos of foreign locales, then I’ve got a … Continue reading Travel on my mind – Tokyo Timelapse

Vimeo Video: Placemaking & Seattle

I love videos like this one.  It’s so interesting to find little nuggets like this video on the Internet.  This video talks about “placemaking” in the South Lake Union area of Seattle.  This is the neighbourhood in which Amazon’s headquarters are now located.  It’s urban and just on the northern edge of the Seattle’s downtown. The video also includes James Howard Kunstler, whose hyperbole about … Continue reading Vimeo Video: Placemaking & Seattle

Streetfilms – Vancouver transit and cycling integration

I haven’t visited Streetfilms in a long time.  The Buzzer Blog posted one of their recent films about Vancouver transit and cycling integration.  I wonder what a person from outside of the region thinks when they see this film.  It certainly gives the impression of wonderful freedom and integration.  However, the system is far from perfect, but we should toot our horn as a region … Continue reading Streetfilms – Vancouver transit and cycling integration

Where the Hell is Matt? makes the mainstream

Some of you may have seen the video of the man dancing in different places in the world.  If you haven’t you should join the phenomenon.  If you have, then have you bought a pack of Stride gum yet? All joking aside, I do kind of admire what Matt Harding has done.  He’s travelled to some pretty neat places and created 3 pretty neat videos … Continue reading Where the Hell is Matt? makes the mainstream