Musings – Amazing Race Stereotypes

I don’t know if anyone else has been watching Amazing Race Canada.  I’ve noticed a lot of stereotypes being thrown around on the show.  The couple from BC have been referred to as the “hippies” or “gypsies.”  They are more outdoors and nature-oriented and have longer Rastafarian type hair.  There are the buff, athletic guys. I haven’t heard any nicknames thrown their way so far, but they seem to nestle into one of our mainstream archetypes for people.  Then there are the gay cowboys who are proudly gay and proudly cowboy.  They definitely embrace both their cowboy and gay identities.

So am I being too sensitive in picking up these stereotypes and archetypes?  Is it just TV executives making a decision to include these archetypes or is this really a cross section of Canadians?  When does the stereotype end and the true identity begin?

Maybe I’m in this frame of mind after reading Tari Ajadi’s article in The Tyee on race in Vancouver.

P.S.: Episode 2 in Vancouver refers to Mandarin characters. FYI, no such thing as Mandarin characters.  Mandarin is a form of spoken Chinese; it’s a dialect.  One does not write Mandarin.  One speaks it.  The characters should be referred to as Chinese. See my previous post on the Chinese language for more details.

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