Higher Headrests on Buses

Here’s a simple idea for the folks at TransLink and Coast Mountain Bus Company to mull over.  How about higher headrests on our buses to make the commute more comfortable?

In rush to get out of downtown today, I managed to luck out and get a highway coach that was going my way.  The highway coaches, as I call them, are the yellow buses that typically go to suburban destinations like Ladner, Delta, and South Surrey.  You see them running up and down Oak and Granville Streets all the time.

In the highway coaches, they must have the bus seats in the whole Metro Vancouver system.  A seat where I can actually recline and put my head back, close my eyes, and truly rest.  I wonder how hard it would be to do that on all of our regular city buses.

If we think about a lot of our buses, they travel on average anywhere between 60 to 90 minutes from terminus to terminus.  Almost all the UBC bound buses are like this.  The #41 is around 60 minutes from UBC to Joyce Station during rush hour.  The #25 goes even further into Burnaby and Brentwood Station.  That is at least a 75-80 minute bus ride.  And if you are along for most of the ride, then you would like to have a nice comfy seat.

Many of the buses in Hong Kong which I’ve been on also have high headrests as a standard now.  It could be upholstered with cloth or vinyl.  It doesn’t matter.  It’s just nice after a hectic Hong Kong day, to throw the headback and catch some quality z’s on the way home. 

I think the headrest just makes great sense.  After this morning’s experience, I wonder if I can work my work day around to catch that bus in particular.  Hmm….

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