Hornby Street Parking and Electronic Parking Signs

Plenty of parking is Hornby Street’s best-kept secret >> Vancouver Sun.

According to this article there are …

Eight-thousand, four hundred and forty-five

… parking spaces in and around Hornby Street.  That’s 8,445 in numerals, which I think actually has a bigger wow affect than typing it in words like they do in the article.


And how many parking spaces are being lost because of the new proposed bike lane?

160 street spaces.

Do the math.

Not a huge sacrifice.  But as the article points out, most of these off-street parking areas are poorly marked and there is no system in Vancouver to direct drivers quickly to empty parking spaces.

When I visited Portland last year, one of things I noticed as I entered the downtown, was these large signs stating how many parking spots were left in different areas of downtown.  So as you drive into downtown Portland, you can choose where the best place to park would be based on the parking boards’ information.  I can’t find a picture from Portland, but here’s one from unique useful innovative transportation blog post about Grenoble, France.

electronic parking sign in Calgary

So if you want a spot, just head for that parking lot and then you don’t have to think about it.  The only other worry left that I can think of is the price of parking.  Parking lots are notoriously sneaky about hiding the price of parking until they have you trapped in the driveway of the lot.

I think we could benefit if there was some Smart Metering like in Portland so that open parking spots are pointed out to drivers.  However, we’d either need a lot of city owned garages or all our parking lot companies working together.  I have no which is more likely to happen, but here’s to hoping.

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