Remo Camerota’s Drainspotting

I came across an interesting article in the local Vancouver Chinese newspaper.  The colourful photos of manhole covers caught my attention.  And the photo of the British born, Australian artist, Remo Camerota, exhibiting his work in Hong Kong also caught my attention.

Camerota was recently hired by Hong Kong’s Towngas to design a unique manhole pit cover for the company.  He released a book on Japanese manhole cover designs back in 2010. It’s amazing what you can make a book from.  I would be one who has an interest in this kind of book because I have taken my own photos of unique Japanese manhole covers.


One was taken up in the onsen (hot springs) resort town of Arima in west Japan.  It depicts the river that runs through town and the gondola one can take to get up to the town.

The kanji in the middle is the character for “song.”

Here’s another one that I came across in Kyoto’s Gion district.  Gion is famous for being Kyoto’s geisha quarter.  You have a higher chance of encountering a geisha on the streets of Gion.

So I may just go and pick up a copy of Camerota’s Drainspotting if I can find it.  I think I’ll check out Oscar’s Art Books first to see if they have it.  Too many local bookstores closing these days.  I should try to support one when I can.

You can follow Camerota on his blog at

Cover of Remo Camerota’s “Drainspotting”

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