Another Compass Update

I’ve been tapping away happily for over 2 weeks now.  A couple more observations for this past week.

  • I had a lot “Tap Card Again” errors with a giant white X on a red screen.  It turns out that I had put my MasterCard with PayPass in my Compass Card sleeve.  It wasn’t until the next day that I realized I had put my credit card in the same sleeve.  PayPass is a form of near-field communication (NFC) just like the Compass Card.  There was apparently some interference.  Once I removed the card, no problem.  
  • I mentioned last week that I have seen people in Hong Kong tap their Octopus Cards on the reader while in their purse or bag.  I had to try it out today.  I put my card in an external pocket so that it was close to the exterior of the bag.  I took my bag and placed the part of my bag where the card was.  Success!  Nice big white checkmark with a green screen.  I’ve only tried this once, but I need to test it out some more.  I don’t know if I would tap with my card in my bag on a bus though.  It might look funny with me taking my backpack and raising it up to the card reader at the rear of the bus.  That would be an interesting sight.

That’s all I have to report so far.  Now I’m just waiting for TransLink to announce some sort of promised testing event.  I haven’t seen any emails in my inbox, though.  Hello TransLink.  Waiting for the Compass Event.  Thank you.

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