Nordstrom opens in Vancouver

Maybe you’re a shopper. Maybe you’re not. Whether you are a shopper or not, Nordstrom has changed the fabric of Downtown’s shopping scene and created a new urban space to explore. I even compiled a video of my visit to Nordstrom on its opening day. You can find the video at the end of this post.

Nordstrom has opened a 3-floor department store inside Pacific Centre. Within the shell of the old Eaton’s/Sears site, a new entity has been born. The three floors take what Canadians think of department stores to a totally different level. Perusing the store on opening day reminded me of the style, vigour, and energy I found in Parisian and Japanese department stores. Nordstrom exudes a class that is on par with Holt Renfrew and way above what Sears or Hudson’s Bay can offer.

treats at Sugarfina

Even if you are not about to pay 4-figures for a pair of Jimmy Choo footwear, you may be interested in one of their food & beverage establishments. A bistro is found on the 3rd floor with a view overlooking the Vancouver Art Gallery and Robson Square. On the 2nd floor, a lounge is found right next to the escalator. Then on the first floor, the standard Nordstrom E-Bar Cafe provides caffeinated buzz for rich and poor alike.

Then there’s the art. There is art absolutely everywhere you turn in the store. There are large and small pieces of art scattered throughout the store in almost every department. It’s worth it to just wander the store just to see what art is hiding in every nook and cranny.

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