Where’s the double-decker bus?

I have a confession to make. I am, for the most part, a Surrey bus virgin. I don’t know much about the bus system south of the Fraser River. I’ve taken the SkyTrain into Surrey a few times, but I rarely ever take the bus in Surrey. Yeah. I’ve taken the R1 one stop. And then I started to travel up and down Scott Road a little recently.

So when a little extra time came up and I thought I could possibly catch a double decker somewhere, I jumped at the chance.

A different double-decker bus, the #555 Calvorth Exchange

You see, I noticed that there was a double decker at the bus loop at 22nd Street Station once. As I flew overhead on the SkyTrain, I craned my neck to see the two-storey vehicle. I looked it up. The #340 Scottsdale/22nd Street Station bus has double-deckers plying the line.

However, when the #340 pulled into Scottsdale Exchange, it wasn’t a double-decker bus, it was a highway coach instead. All good. (I needed to get home anyway) Follow me as I board the #340 bus from Scottsdale Exchange in Surrey to the 22nd Street Station in New Westminster.

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