Vancouver Plan

Have you heard about the Vancouver Plan?

The Vancouver Plan will feature a single, city-wide plan to guide future growth in line with key community priorities. The Vancouver Plan will also aim to keep the qualities that make Vancouver special while responding to the challenges facing the city and its residents.

The Vancouver Plan has been in process for a while, but it is now in the 4th Phase, which is to finalize the plan.

You can go to the Vancouver Plan website and do their online survey, attend a virtual open house or find an in-person open house.

As a transit geek, I’m most interested in what rapid transit and related land use planning will look like.

Rapid Transit Plans (

Note that in addition to the existing and under construction SkyTrain lines, there are planned rapid transit areas along East Hastings and East 49th/West 41st.

East Hastings was identified as a rapid transit corridor in the North Shore Transit Plan. See the Gold Alignment in the map below. A Second Narrows rapid transit may be cheaper than a First Narrows crossing with less underwater tunnelling, but these alignments are all preliminary.

The 49th and 41st Avenue buses are already some of the busiest buses in the system. Most interestingly, the implied plan from the map is that East 49th is identified as part of the corridor. In my mind, I would have just stuck the whole rapid transit line down 41st Ave and then head straight all the way to Metrotown via an underground segment beneath Central Park and the Collingwood-Kingsway area.

Well, maybe that will be my input when I do the online survey or visit the CityLab at Broadway and Cambie.

What would be your rapid transit priorities for the City of Vancouver proper?

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