Transport Politic’s New Transit for 2016

Yonah Freemark has been starting off the New Year with a look at New Transit across North America since 2009. Here’s the 2016 edition. Metro Vancouver’s Evergreen Line would have made this map for 2016. However, the tunneling problems involving sinkholes on roads in and around Clarke Road has delayed the complete of the Evergreen SkyTrain Line until early 2017. For an extremely thorough look … Continue reading Transport Politic’s New Transit for 2016

Vimeo Video: Placemaking & Seattle

I love videos like this one.  It’s so interesting to find little nuggets like this video on the Internet.  This video talks about “placemaking” in the South Lake Union area of Seattle.  This is the neighbourhood in which Amazon’s headquarters are now located.  It’s urban and just on the northern edge of the Seattle’s downtown. The video also includes James Howard Kunstler, whose hyperbole about … Continue reading Vimeo Video: Placemaking & Seattle

Multnomah Falls

Due east along the Columbia River Highway outside of Portland, Oregon is one of the most photographed waterfalls.  Being only a 40 minute drive from downtown Portland, Multnomah Falls is easily accessible for Stumptown residents and visitors. I had first read about Multnomah Falls in The Shack, a Christian themed novel that takes place in Oregon and features the Falls in its early pages.  The … Continue reading Multnomah Falls

Transit Culture in Vancouver

A few weeks, I posted a tweet about The Atlantic Cities article on why Germans ride five times more transit than Americans, and I’m sure, more transit than Canadians too.  Then a friend responded back and said that he’s encountered a lot of people locally “who refuse to take transit because they feel it’s beneath them.” I started to wonder about that statement and wonder … Continue reading Transit Culture in Vancouver

Boston – Old Boston

For my last walk around Boston, I went to where Boston began.  It’s a tiny block of buildings behind Boston City Hall and just north of the Faneuil Hall.  This tiny block of buildings house some of the oldest establishments in all of the United States. First, there’s The Bell in Hand Tavern.  It is America’s oldest tavern established in 1795.  It was opened up … Continue reading Boston – Old Boston

Boston – Samuel Adams Brewery

After a long walk from Fenway Park to Massachusetts Station on the Orange Line, I hopped on the T to Stony Brook Station.  One of my must-dos for my trip to Boston was a visit to the Samuel Adams Brewery. The brewery was a short walk through a residential neighbourhood from the T station.  Along the way, I unexpectedly encountered an art school just a … Continue reading Boston – Samuel Adams Brewery

Walking Boston – Fenway Park

A new day meant more walking. This fine Monday morning, the sky had stopped crying and I was able to get around without worrying about an umbrella.  First on today’s agenda was Fenway Park.  The grand old ballpark is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year.  I was hoping to actually catch a game at Fenway, but I believe I was a week or two too … Continue reading Walking Boston – Fenway Park

Walking Boston – MIT

After WardMaps, an adventure in desperately seeking restrooms, and an hour at a Starbucks in Central Square, I started to make my way to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).  I was determined to walk the campuses of Harvard and MIT in one day.  They are two of the top universities in the entire world. On my way to MIT, I actually bumped into one … Continue reading Walking Boston – MIT

Walking Boston – Harvard Square to WardMaps

After my Harvard student-led tour and a quick break at Pinocchio’s Pizza, I made my way north from Harvard Square along Massachusetts Avenue.  I passed by the Cambridge’s Old Burying Ground, Cambridge Common, and some of the other Harvard University buildings along Mass Ave. Once I had walked north out of Harvard Square, the traffic was thinner and there were much less people walking.  Mass … Continue reading Walking Boston – Harvard Square to WardMaps